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Oceania also called Australasia is categorized as the smallest continent in the planet that covers around 8.112.000 square kilometres and approximately 5.3%. The continent situated not far from Indonesian archipelago, is located in Pacific which to the west, it is surrounded by the Indian Ocean and to the south by the Southern ocean. The continent can be divided into four regions; Micronesia, Melanesia, Polynesia and Australasia. In the other words, Oceania merges all of Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, including volcanic islands and coral atolls in the South Pacific ocean, and Melanesia and Polynesia groups. in addition, the continent also covers Micronesia, a large Island group stretching from southern and northern edges of the equator.

Mount Wilhelm located in Papua New Guinea, 4509 m in high, is the highest point in the continent, while Darling River (2.739 km) a branch of the Murray river in Australia is the longest river in the region. With regard to the climate, Oceanic has five different climate types; Deciduous forest; rainforest; savannah; desert and desert scrub. It has also four seasons; Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Oceania consists of 28 countries and Island Groups and its population is the least one of any continents in the planet, following Antarctica which reached 41 million in 2019, or equivalent to 0.5% of the total population of the world.

Available Maps in Oceania
  1. American Samoa

  2. Cook Islands

  3. Fiji

  4. French Polynesia

  5. Guam

  6. Kiribati

  7. Marshall Islands

  8. Micronesia

  9. Nauru

  10. New Caledonia

  11. Niue

  12. Norfollk Island

  13. Norhtern Mariana Islands

  14. Palau

  15. Papua New Guinea

  16. Pitcairn Islands

  17. Samoa

  18. Solomon Islands

  19. Tokelau

  20. Tonga

  21. Tuvalu

  22. Vanuatu

  23. Wallis And Futuna