Map of North America (sub) Continent

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Quick Intro

North America constitutes the third-largest continent in the world, covering approximately 24.474.000 square kilometres and 16.5% of the earth planet and 5% of its surface. In 2016, the total population living in the continent reached over 565 million people, with 23 independent countries (the largest according to land are the United States, Mexico and Canada). Majority of its population is concentrated in the eastern half of the US and nearby parts of Ontario and Quebec, the US Pacific shore, and the central land of Mexico.

Geographically to the east, the continent is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, to the north by the Arctic Ocean, to the west by the Pacific Ocean, and to the southeast by the Caribbean Sea. in the short words, the continent consists of all Central American countries and Caribbean, Bermuda, Mexico, Canada, US, and last but not least Greenland, often dubbed as the largest island in the world. There are the two most attractive feature of its geography, which are first Great Plains which stretches from the Rockies to the edge of Shield in Canada and to the western edged of Appalachians; second, Mississippi River System which constitutes the big rivers of both North America and the United States. The climate of the continent can be divided into eight distinct types which are Desert, Rainforest, Alpine/mountain, Tundra, Grassland, Mediterranean, Coniferous forest; and deciduous forest, with the seasons comprising Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

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