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Quick Intro

The Europe continent is considered as the second-smallest continent after Australia in the world which covers 10.180.000 square kilometres and around 6.7 of the planet and 2% of its surface. If Russia and Turkey are included, the continent will consist of 47 countries, along with a total population of about 741.400 people, equivalent to almost 10% of the total world population.

According to geographical borders, the continent is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Mediterranean Sea to the south and by the Arctic Ocean to the north. The Ural mountains in Russia is considered as the most eastern point of the continent. In other words, the continent is separated by watery borders from Asia by the Caspian and Black Seas and from Africa by the Mediterranean sea.

Interestingly, the continent’s southern regions seem higher than any other parts of the continent, that cover the Pyrennees, the Alps and he Carpathian mountain ranges. Meanwhile, Russia is truly blessed with the longest river named Volga and the highest mountain called Elbrus in Europe. The continent can be divided into three regions; western Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Europe, whose climates can be divided into five; Tundra, Grassland, Mediterranean, Coniferous forest, and Deciduous forest, with the seasons comprising Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Available Maps in Europe Continent
  1. Albania

  2. Andorra

  3. Austria

  4. Azerbaijan

  5. Belarus

  6. Belgium

  7. Bosnia And Herzegovina

  8. Bulgaria

  9. Croatia

  10. Czech Republic

  11. Denmark

  12. Estonia

  13. Faroe Islands

  14. Finland

  15. France

  16. Georgia

  17. Germany

  18. Gibraltar

  19. Greece

  20. Guernsey

  21. Hungary

  22. Iceland

  23. Ireland

  24. Isle Of Man

  25. Italy

  26. Jersey

  27. Kosovo

  28. Latvia

  29. Liechtenstein

  30. Lithuania

  31. Luxembourg

  32. Macedonia Fyrom

  33. Malta

  34. Moldova

  35. Monaco

  36. Montenegro

  37. Netherlands

  38. Norway

  39. Poland

  40. Portugal

  41. Romania

  42. Russia

  43. San Marino

  44. Serbia

  45. Slovakia

  46. Slovenia

  47. Spain

  48. Svalbard And Jan Mayen

  49. Sweden

  50. Switzerland

  51. Turkey

  52. Ukraine

  53. United Kingdom

  54. Vatican City