Map of Central America (sub) Continent

Map of Central America (sub) Continent - Printable, Zoomable, and Downloadable, Interactive Map of Central America (sub) Continent

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Quick Intro

Often considered as a sub-continent, rather than a continent, Central America constitutes the southernmost part of the North American continent. In fact, Central America is a land that links between the North and South American continents, which includes only seven countries; Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. The sub-continent covers an area of around 523.865 square kilometres, while its width between Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean stretches approximately from 50 to 560 km. The famous Panama Canal is often dubbed as the narrowest past of Central America.

The total population of the continent is estimated to be around 47 million people in 2016, which mostly live on the Caribbean Plate.

Central America, from Panama to Mexico, has been dominated by a mountainous chain, in which in the coastal plains, the climate tends to be tropical and more humid, while in its highland interior, the temperature could be cooler. In other words, It can be said that almost all of the territory is covered by hilly or mountainous landscape. Due to many volcanic activities, the continent’s soil is good for agriculture, which most of the people work on that field. Yet however, Central America seems vulnerable with numerous natural disasters.

Available Maps in Central America (sub) Continent
  1. Belize

  2. Costa Rica

  3. El Salvador

  4. Guatemala

  5. Honduras

  6. Nicaragua

  7. Panama