Map of Asia Continent

Map of Asia Continent - Printable, Zoomable, and Downloadable, Interactive Map of Asia Continent

Quick Glimpse about Asia Continent

Quick Intro

Asia can be considered as the world’s biggest and most populated continent, which has sharing borders with Oceania to its south, North America to its east, Europe and Africa to its west. Based on information, 60.4% (around 4,1 billion) of all world’s population live in the continent which is also blessed with very complete natures, including highest mountains in the world, tropical rain forests and deserts. It covers a large area of 17 million square miles, consisting of 48 countries with 6-non-UN states and 6 dependent territories.

Asia continent is commonly divided into several regions such as West Asia, the Caucasus, East Asia, Central Asia, South Asia and Southeast Asia. Apart from this fact, Asia has the most extreme points geographically. For instance, Big Diomede in Russia is the easternmost point of the continent; Cape Baba in Turkey is the westernmost point, while Pamana Island in Indonesia is the southernmost point; and Cape Fligely located on Franz Josef Land in Russia is the northernmost point of the continent. There are gray areas whose continental borders are hard to define. For example, countries like Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia are sometimes considered as parts of Europe and sometimes as parts of Asia, while Russia and Turkey have some parts of their lands, both in Europe and Asia.

Available Maps in Asia Continent
  1. Afghanistan

  2. Armenia

  3. Bahrain

  4. Bangladesh

  5. Bhutan

  6. British Indian Ocean Territory

  7. Brunei

  8. Cambodia

  9. China

  10. Cyprus

  11. Gaza Strip

  12. Heard Island And Mcdonald Islands

  13. Hong Kong

  14. India

  15. Indonesia

  16. Iran

  17. Iraq

  18. Israel

  19. Japan

  20. Jordan

  21. Kazakhstan

  22. Kuwait

  23. Kyrgyzstan

  24. Laos

  25. Lebanon

  26. Macau

  27. Malaysia

  28. Maldives

  29. Mongolia

  30. Myanmar

  31. Nepal

  32. North Korea

  33. Oman

  34. Pakistan

  35. Palestinian Territories

  36. Philippines

  37. Qatar

  38. Saudi Arabia

  39. Singapore

  40. South Korea

  41. Sri Lanka

  42. Syria

  43. Taiwan

  44. Tajikistan

  45. Thailand

  46. Timor Leste

  47. Turkmenistan

  48. United Arab Emirates

  49. Uzbekistan

  50. Vietnam

  51. Yemen