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Antarctica continent constitutes the fifth-largest continent in the planet covering approximately 14 square kilometres and around 8.9% of the earth’s land. It is encircled by the Southern Ocean and situated almost completely within the Antarctic Circle where 98% of the land region is everlastingly covered with ice. The western part of the continent is lower that its eastern part. In addition, Vinson Massif (4.897 m) is the highest point in Antarctica.

Dubbed as the coldest place on the planet that could reach -90 Celsius, Antarctica has no native population, if any, only very few people. Yet however, scientists sometimes visit the continent for doing research during the warmer summer months, who mostly, around 1000 people, stay in McMurdo Station, the largest station, Unsurprisingly, there are no countries in the continent, yet various areas have already been named.

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