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It is an Online Atlas


It's 2019, and its common to see people use Google Maps, or Waze, or any online maps in their daily activities. However, not many people were straight forward able to find what they want to find. And sometimes they are confused to see borders, or even on how to download the maps for any project they want.

When I was in Elementary School, my Father bought us an Atlas. Its a book consisted every maps, from our province maps, to continents maps. Its a book I love so much, mainly because its mostly graphic and colourful! World Map Database have aim to bring such kind of Atlas ONLINE! We need to breakdown, every continent, and every sovereign states here, in order to bring the most complete of Atlas online. Currently we're still on Country level, but we're working hard to bring the next lower level (province/state and cities) to you.

We hope that our small effort, to bring Atlas Online, which can be downloaded and put in every project (school, business, or any), could help people fulfilling their demands on Maps.

About WMD

World Map Database (WMD) is basically an Online Atlas Book, which you can view, zoom, interactively, and -more importantly- downloadable so people can use it for their maps project needs. We try to be as focus as possible to be and Online atlas, which we remove many unnecessary features.

WMD can be easily navigated since we categorized this as per top-down. Start from continent, to countries, then (if available) prefecture/state/province (ongoing), then to cities (ongoing).

WMD can be used any you like. It is a good start to taugh Geography about continents maps and Countries Online here. I never see (yet) an Atlas with 245 countries

Privacy Policy and Concern

Our site is just as simple as books. We show you information. WMD didn't gather any information from you.